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meet the green way brazil

The Green Way Brazil is a school of surfing and Stand Up Paddle that offers classes for children, teens and adults of 30 and 60 minutes.
Also offers packages of lessons with validity ranging from 3 months to a year and can be individual or for groups of up to 4 people.
We provide all the equipment for the classroom, being this boards suitable for the level of each student, leashes, strings, lycra shirts or rubber clothes (wetsuits), oars and guidance directed to individual needs of each student.

We are also a receptive of ecotourism. Receptive Agency is one that operates directly the activity being responsible for equipment, operations and human resources.
In this sense we offer tours of Canadian canoes and kayaks in rivers of the region, hiking walk on trails through the Atlantic forest to lookouts, waterfalls and deserted beaches, biking the beaches and trails of the region as well as tours combining our activities.

We act as Agency in nautical trips from Barra do Una, Barra do Sahy, Boiçucanga, Center and Beach of San Francisco in partnership with marinas and service providers in this area.

We serve groups in celebration of birthdays, family reunions or business developing set of activities according to the needs and choices of each group.

Our dedication is to offer enjoyable activities, appropriate and safe. The important thing for us is to make our customer happy to enjoy the attractions of our region.

environmental policy

Environmental policy is the politics in partnership with the envitonment, starting a continuous process to return the benefits receiving like a beautiful forest, with clear rivers, clear air and admirable fauna and flora. The return part of operational attitudes clearly defined trying to preserve it.

The Green Way undertakes to:

  • 1. Use to naturals recourse with responsibility to like a to reduce the environment negative impact;
  • 2. The reduce and manage residues inherent in the routine in order to attenuate environmental impacts;
  • 3. To promove of the importance awareness of preserving the environment through effective participation from all people and related segments to our operational routine;
  • 4. The maintain a continuous gain operational efficiency, targeted preservation;
  • 5. The always have attitudes according to legislation and legal requirements.

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Green Way! O importante para nós é ter nosso cliente feliz em desfrutar as atrativos de nossa região.